Wild Spirit Adventure

Explore Inner Wilderness. Outside.

Adventures, retreats, and sessions in nature for personal growth and spiritual exploration in the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide.



The Stages of Our Process:


These Stages are designed in order to facilitate a natural and healthy process for our clients. Whether you spend a few hours or 5 days in personal reflection, the intention is for you to feel supported and safe. A beautiful cycle comes to a close by the end of each session, retreat, or adventure.

Throughout this process, the emphasis is always on your direct experience through the senses and the body, observing the natural world, and in contact with your guts, heart, and soul. Much of the time, the intellect is kindly asked to sit quietly.

  1. "Pouring Out": Release what is holding you back
  2. "In Body": Reconnect with the physical body and senses
  3. "Mindfulness Every Moment": Experience peace and presence in every moment
  4. "Bring in the Medicine": Cultivate what is positive, life-affirming, and energizing

Goals & Topics to Explore:


  • Stress-Reduction and Burnout Recovery
  • Leadership and Decision-Making
  • Communication, Trust, and Relationships
  • Awakening to the Present Moment
  • Seeking Inspiration and Guidance for the Future
  • Our Relationship with Nature
  • Empathy, Patience, and Compassion
  • Self-Esteem, Imperfection, and Body-Image
  • Loss, Guilt, and Forgiveness
  • Your Life's Purpose
  • Work/Life Balance and Well-Rounded Health



Together, we determine the scope of our physical challenge. We can day-hike, car camp, or backpack.

Throughout the day, many exercises, arts, traditions, and teachers are explored, each one contributing a unique worldview or practice for our growth. We will incorporate activities that may or may not be familiar to you- but all of them are meant to stretch, challenge, and inspire.

These might include:

  • Sumi-e Painting
  • Creative Writing
  • Qi Gong
  • Meditative Techniques
  • Trust and Team-Building Exercises
  • Sensory Activities
  • Nature Games
  • Dance
  • Mindfulness Practices

...and many many more.