Wild Spirit Adventure

Explore Inner Wilderness. Outside.

Adventures, retreats, and sessions in nature for personal growth and spiritual exploration in the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide.


For Career-Focused Individuals

You are the conscious creator of your life, your work, and your success. I am confident that you have potent dreams and visions for how to express your unique gifts. Some are being realized, while you're struggling with others. Maybe you feel that you're true calling hasn't emerged yet.

For some of you, the priorities that have kept you busy and successful have also kept you from a sense of wholeness, well-rounded happiness, and true fulfillment. Have you lost touch with your self, your dreams, your values... caught up in the grind of the work day or because you're running your own business or hyper-focused on your career? You know in your heart that it's time to re-evaluate the direction of your decisions, leadership, personal life, or organization.

The good news is that it's possible to reorient with a compass that will guide you to what you know is right for you. If your goal is to express the very best of your self through your work and truly live your most vibrant life, you've come to the right place!

On our Adventures, we ask the natural world and our inner wisdom for help and guidance. Many find direction and inspiration from our exercises and activities because they invite you to ask the important questions and then listen deeply for clarification and insight as they emerge. During the retreat, some have new visions, awaken decisiveness, cultivate empathy for others in their professional or personal network, and/or receive insight to unlock a previously closed door.

These are private, intensive sessions. Dates and location custom designed for you and based on your personal journey.

Executive Teams or Special Groups

Spend quality, focused time strengthening relationships and improving communication through team-building and a wilderness adventure. Become re-aligned with the organization's values and goals and feel personally invested in the organization's success. Determine strategy for the next project, imagine innovation, and dream out loud. Increase excitement and productivity at work and generally raise the productivity and happiness-level of the whole team!

In addition, individuals learn and practice techniques that establish and maintain personal balance and emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Toby will design a custom program just for your group!

The dates, goals, and location for teams and corporate groups are arranged specifically for the organization.