Wild Spirit Adventure

Explore Inner Wilderness. Outside.

Adventures, retreats, and sessions in nature for personal growth and spiritual exploration in the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide.


Outcomes of Particular Value to the Corporate World

Our Programs...

  1. Strengthen your greatest assets. Inspire employees, leaders, and teams to manifest big visions and lead crucial innovation, to intensify their impact in the workplace beyond your/their wildest dreams. Encourage them to come alive and bring their best visions to the drawing board.
  2. Provide clients with a toolbox of empowering exercises and practices to decrease stress levels and anxiety, improve personal and professional relationships, strengthen leadership skills, and connect meaningfully and deeply with daily experience. Increase overall well-being, happiness, and satisfaction in the workplace.
  3. Reward, engage, and motivate employees and teams with life-changing adventure and personal/professional development trips; they'll feel more committed to your company, its culture, and values. Supporting them with a session or retreat will leave them feeling empowered and supported.
  4. Deepen relationships with the natural world through sensory activities, survival skills, and mindfulness. Especially for individuals and organizations who value sustainability and an environmental consciousness, our adventure trips give you a way to put that value into practice.
  5. Facilitate deep exploration of values, work-life balance, boundaries, purpose, fears, leadership, stress-management, relationships, communication, and emotional/physical/spiritual health. After a retreat, employees may feel resolved and free of burdens they've carried for a long time, ready to move forward with confidence and drive.

There is a Mindfulness revolution underway.

A definition: mind·ful·ness- A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Mindfulness is a vital component to my programs. It's success is proven in the corporate environment. Many well-known companies are already using it: Google, Facebook, Ford Motor Company, General Mills, Target, Yahoo, NASA, Apple Computers, Proctor & Gamble, Boeing, Cargill, Inc.

Sanity Returns to the Workplace

Custom-packages empowering employees and leaders with tools for greater success, satisfaction, stress management, improved work-relationships, and overall productivity.

  • Half and Full Day Workshops (at the office or in nature)
  • 8 Weekly Session Package
  • Team Camping and Backpacking Adventures (for 2-5 days)
  • Private Professional Coaching (in the office or in nature)