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Adventures, retreats, and sessions in nature for personal growth and spiritual exploration in the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide.


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Stress-Reduction in Nature Retreat

Most people in our culture are under a tremendous amount of stress. Learn mindfulness practices, meditation, and nature re-connection exercises that can be accessed daily to help reduce your stress, anxiety, and aggravation. Experience these activities experientially, in your heart and body, throughout the retreat. Have fun with other participants as we cultivate joy and lightness.


Participants go through the Wild Spirit Adventure process of all 4 stages so that profound changes take hold and apply to their lives. The 4 Stages are: "Pouring Out," "In Body," "Mindfulness," and "Bringing in the Wisdom." Through all of it, we will, in supportive community, laugh, cry, dance, paint, journal, hike, draw, sing, and embrace everything that is! All Wild Spirit retreats are an intensive experience, with both group and solo activities and exercises from early morning till night time, occasionally in the middle of the night.

Depending on the number of participants, 1-2 rustic cabins will be ours to share with each other and used to create safe space. We hike and spent time outdoors for much of the time as well, exploring the waterfalls and trails throughout the park, while involved in our activities. Bring what you need to feel warm, dry, safe, and comfortable in a variety of weather conditions and situations. More information will be provided once you register.

Included in this package will be a 1-1.5 hour phone consultation so that the facilitator, Toby Joy Zelt, can better understand your particular goals. After the retreat, she will call you to check in and make sure your are transitioning back to "real life" comfortably. Most importantly, Toby offers her support, through one-on-one coaching sessions as you integrate what you gather on retreat in the weeks and months following.

This is indeed a retreat for people who are ready to explore themselves and their lives deeply.

The cost for this package is $495 and is limited to 8 people. The retreat will occur so long as there are 3 participants signed up. The cost includes rustic shared accommodations at the park and does not include food. The non-refundable deposit (unless the retreat is canceled) is $250 and due no later than 2 weeks prior to the retreat (unless you get special permission from Toby.) Deposits and payments may be mailed to 101 SW Madison St. P.O. Box 8393 Portland, OR 97204. Thank you.


*Wild Spirit Adventure programs are not therapy or meant to replace mental health support or services. These programs support participants with mindfulness, ritual, meditation, ceremony, and nature-based activities as they process typical life-cycle transitions and events. Participants focus on the present moment and creating a deeply meaningful life. All participants must pass a screening process to ensure safety for all involved. Participants must have health insurance coverage during their program.

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