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Mindful Tea Ceremony

Release your stress, lighten your spirit, free yourself in a cup of tea with friends. Feel connected to your body, the gifts of the earth, and the present moment. Please join us for a Mindful Tea Ceremony on Council Crest next weekend!

We incorporate mindfulness as the primary practice in our ceremony, infused with deep gratitude, compassion for all that has touched our tea, and awareness of bodily sensation throughout the process. There are many different tea ceremonies from the wisdom traditions of the world. This ceremony is inspired by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese intentions and practices, while humbly not limited to "musts" or a particular form. It includes teachings from Zen Buddhism and Judaism, among other sources. The group will honor a noble silence, while I lead both verbally and non-verbally. The ceremony may last up to 1 hour or so...

Please read more on the Meetup page for Wild Spirit Adventure. Thank you. I look forward to sharing tea with you.

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