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Instant Joy


Here are some ways you can achieve it:

  1. Realize that you actually do have all the conditions, in this moment, in order to be happy
  2. Enjoy your food slowly with all of your senses, sense how good it feels to nourish your self
  3. Practice smile meditation for 5 -10 minutes
  4. Send wishes of loving-kindness to a person who is suffering
  5. Take off your shoes and massage your feet
  6. Practice a walking meditation- for every two slow steps say, "yes." For every two more say, "thank you."
  7. Send a surprise gift to someone
  8. Provide a smile, a word, and a packaged meal to a homeless person
  9. Breathe in and out slowly while standing with a tree, imagine the tree breathing in as you breathe out, and breathing out as you breathe in
  10. Walk barefoot outdoors
  11. Do a body scan and thank each part for what it does for you
  12. Sway with tall grasses and trees in the wind
  13. Drop flower petals on someone's head, of course lovingly and with consent
  14. Compliment a few strangers
  15. Spend quality time with an animal

Writing The Storybook

Today I took a walk in nature. The exercise I practiced was something I call "Writing the Storybook." Simply put, I noticed and recorded the themes that came up over and over in my mind. I traced their deeper meaning, noticing and then letting them go. Just like in meditation, it's best not to judge them or myself for having them, rather, I am fully allowing.

Within the first 10-15 minutes, I found that my thoughts were full of anxiety and fear. I acknowledged that observation, then let it go. Within another 10 minutes, I found that my attention and patterns of thinking had shifted. No longer were the thoughts coming from an anxious place. See the 1 minute video I recorded while I was out there: (Btw, I had trouble with the vid so just kept it steady... when it is not raining so much, I'll bring the "good" camera and do nice, steady, pretty videos. Thanks for understanding...)

Instead, I became fully engaged in nature and felt more peaceful. It was actually that simple. Of course, it's not that easy every day, and the success of this kind of practice grows more and more in time and with consistent devotion.

As I continued, I noticed a decaying leaf.

photo 2.JPG

It was calling to me, asking me to examine it. When I hear the call, I listen to it... then go and explore the thing that's inviting me to it in nature. There was personal meaning in the leaf, which gave me wisdom and peace to place in my heart-space and more courage with which to face my day. The teaching in this leaf, for me, was that I had built a strong and practical foundation and vision for the future of Wild Spirit Adventure over the past year. This foundation sets the stage for everything to come. It felt like recognition of my hard work, which I accepted and gave thanks for.