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Instant Joy


Here are some ways you can achieve it:

  1. Realize that you actually do have all the conditions, in this moment, in order to be happy
  2. Enjoy your food slowly with all of your senses, sense how good it feels to nourish your self
  3. Practice smile meditation for 5 -10 minutes
  4. Send wishes of loving-kindness to a person who is suffering
  5. Take off your shoes and massage your feet
  6. Practice a walking meditation- for every two slow steps say, "yes." For every two more say, "thank you."
  7. Send a surprise gift to someone
  8. Provide a smile, a word, and a packaged meal to a homeless person
  9. Breathe in and out slowly while standing with a tree, imagine the tree breathing in as you breathe out, and breathing out as you breathe in
  10. Walk barefoot outdoors
  11. Do a body scan and thank each part for what it does for you
  12. Sway with tall grasses and trees in the wind
  13. Drop flower petals on someone's head, of course lovingly and with consent
  14. Compliment a few strangers
  15. Spend quality time with an animal

A Tea Ceremony

Our Meetup Group met for a Tea Ceremony at Council Crest. We started with walking meditation. At a traditional ceremony, guests would remove their weapons and a fan would replace it. This is why you will see a fan set at each person's place-setting. We entered the sacred space for our ceremony with a symbolic removal of our daggers and replaced them with something nurturing and peaceful, symbolic of the fan a guest is traditionally given. For one participant, he removed the dagger of "fear of falling" and replaced it with the fan of "feeling grounded, safe, and stable." Each person had a unique intention.

We continued practicing in the cold air for a little over an hour. Smile meditation, songs, sitting meditation, mindful speech, and various teachings kept us in a sacred space, although the wind had my teeth chattering by the end. Even though we were chilled, everyone helped to gather our supplies and take things back to the car. I felt happy to have community to share this with.

Meeting people in practice like this is the greatest gift to me. Not only do I hope to benefit the community and the individuals that show up, I engage myself in the very things that are my medicine. Whenever I practice mindfulness while eating and drinking, I feel more connected to everything around me, and to my very life experience. Aliveness and meaning awaken!