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Dismissing the Thinker

News sources sometimes spin stories about a thinker that focuses on his oddities and controversial stances, causing the masses to form a narrow and judgmental opinion about him. But we know that every person is a product of their environment and experience, among other things... and is often both gifted and limited.

We cannot take the whole of a philosophy and throw it away or envelop it fully, because there are of course going to be flaws and evidence of human limitations, amongst the genius. We should filter it part by part.

Every thinker throughout time has had unique measurements of worth or worthiness placed upon them by the reader, the community, an evaluation of their value and applicability, but let us never completely adopt or dismiss them or their teachings. When we throw out the whole of their work, we throw out some of the treasure too. 

Most humans contain unpopular, misguided, or ignorant views on some topics. Take the politician, the theologian, the philosopher... they are no different. Human just like us. The challenge and the opportunity is in staying open and evaluating and reevaluating.