Wild Spirit Adventure

Explore Inner Wilderness. Outside.

Adventures, retreats, and sessions in nature for personal growth and spiritual exploration in the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide.


Wild Spirit Adventure facilitates sacred experiences with nature, mindfulness, and ritual, to support clients in creating lives of joy, meaning, and deep satisfaction.

What are the benefits of a Wild Spirit Adventure?

The very core of my being has been impacted
— *Julie, 1-Day Solo Distance Retreat
It was honestly the experience of a lifetime!
— Zac, 5-Day Private Adventure


  • Gain confidence
  • Break up your day-to-day monotony and do something extraordinary
  • Achieve more happiness, peace, and positivity
  • Connect deeply with nature
  • Honor life-cycle events such as divorce/marriage, pregnancy/birth/death, career changes, 
  • retirement, or children moving out of the house
  • Reconnect to nature, yourself, your partner, and/or a community
  • Explore your personal spirituality
  • Create a life that makes you feel most alive and satisfied 
  • Return home with a new perspective and epic photos 

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Have a gut feeling that this is the transformational experience you've been looking for? So did the other Wild Spirit Adventurers.

This trip had a profound affect on me. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.
— Saralyn, 5 Day Private Adventure
This experience has pushed my spiritual journey ahead leaps and bounds
— Aftyn, 3-Day Couples Retreat